House of Cards second season out, torrents already streaming

As you were celebrating valentines day, some of us were busy eagerly waiting for our favorite streaming TV show House of Cards to register it’s self on different torrent sites. The popular Netflix series that received several awards last year is now ready to download on different torrent sites.

You really cant miss to catch  up with Frank Underwood’s twisted rise to power. It’s the most successful straight-to-Internet show ever, and for a good reason. If you didn’t watch Season 1, you should catch up before starting Season 2, or you won’t have any idea what’s going on, and even worse, it’ll spoil how the first season ends. And we wouldn’t want any spoilers, would we? As president Obama tweeted yesterday.


Now Streaming

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The tradition with Netflix continues as it dropped all 13 new episodes at once, at midnight on Friday, since we cant have access to Netflix in Uganda, the best we can hope for is to get them from torrents. Several torrent sites like kissass torrents  are already busy at work. The drama is as tense as ever, but the writing seems a little clunkier than before, with lots of overwrought speeches and cheesy lines like. Enjoy!!!