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Horns movie

Daniel Radcliffe is not a new figure when he certainly makes an appearance on the big screens given the fact that he has graced them a couple of times from the epic award-winning Harry Potter series. Being the creepy awesome character with an intelligent mind-set when he’s given a lead role in horror movies, he surely never disappoints. As we bid farewell to the independence month of October, we will be greatly left with something to look out for as we are ushered into November.

Based on the Joe Hill novel, Horns, Keith Bunin (Screenplay) and Alexandre Aja (Director) had the combined effort of bringing Horns to the bigger screens. With a statement such as “He Will Bring the Devil out Of You” will give you a brief insight to a genre of a solid Horror and Thriller and yet more interestingly you’ll love it with a great spice of Drama and Fantasy in this one. Horns is an epic Horror-thriller episode which portrays how guilt will eventually be unfolded as LG Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) is caught up in a twist of circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of his girlfriend. In the wake of a tragic scenario, LG Perrish is the leading suspect for the violent rape and murder of Merrin Williams (Juno Temple), LG’s estranged girlfriend. With a great amount of pressure, distress and frustration, Lg resorts to heavy drinking in an attempt to get over the disturbing events in his head and life. After a night of a deadly drinking spree, LG awakens one morning to find horns mushrooming from his forehead and soon realizes their power will actually help him solve the mystery as to how Merrin Williams was murdered mysteriously.

Daniel Radcliffe and  JunoTemple: Romantic Scence
Daniel Radcliffe and JunoTemple
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This actually grows to his advantage as the horns drive people to confess their wrongs and give in to their selfish plus despicable impulses relentlessly unfolding the enigma and discovering the true circumstances of his girlfriend’s tragedy. LG Perrish is left with no option but to fulfill his urge of revenge by mapping out a plan to avenge his girlfriend’s murder.

We are getting over used to the common trend being adopted in Hollywood of basing majority movies from novels, biographies, and books and Horns too is not exceptional. However this movie exactly perfects a great share of the book concept with better plotting and stronger screenplay. One thing that surely got me captivated about Horns is when LG Perrish literally made me feel a great love when he told Merrin Williams; “I’m going to love you for the rest of my life”, but to my dismay Merrin Williams had a yet disturbing reply which got me fore-predicting the movie when she replied that; “Just love me for the rest of mine”.

“Just love me for the rest of mine”

Lg Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) poses for the camera on set
Lg Perrish (Daniel Radcliffe) poses for the camera on set

You won’t literally have to read the book first before catching the movie because you’ll get instantly bored before you even finish the first chapter like I actually did. You’ll definitely need to roll to the cinema and catch this one although I must warn of the strong sexual content, some graphic nudity, disturbing violence including a sexual assault, language & drug use so you must revise on the team on your entourage to the cinema. Keep the kids at home watching Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and go buy enough popcorn to run you for 2 hours of the movie.