Here is what Lenovo won’t get their hands on in the Motorola deal

Project Ara, Motorola’s R&D & Motorola Mobile Patents

As we get to digest Motorola’s fate for 2013, all that is left now, is to drill down on what Lenovo will actually get their hands on with their $2.91 billion. So what we know is that Lenovo gets Motorola as a mobile device company, including its logo and name. Google has made a loss of over $9 billion, but is it really a loss?  So what is Lenovo not getting in the deal, which could end up being more fruitful than Motorola Mobile ever could.

Intellectual properties

From our post, we already know Lenovo isn’t getting any of the patents Motorola held, Google will keep onto those. When Google bought Motorola in 2012, it was mainly for the Patents that were meant to protect Google from lawsuits aimed in their direction.

Motorola’s Moonshot ideas

Motorola has it’s own ‘moonshot’ ideas that they were cooking up from their advanced R&D division, and that won’t be surrendered to Lenovo either. Among the products from this lab are things that range from digital tattoos to pills meant for authentication and  wearable sensors .

Project Ara now under Android

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Part of that R&D above is the beloved is Project Ara, that will now be part of the Android team according to Re/Code, though further plans haven’t been parsed out just yet. We are yet to see if anything comes out of this reshuffle. It could also be a small ‘X-Labs’ R&D team under Android hear Sundar Pichai.

Only Mobile division

For Lenovo it only boils down to only the mobile Motorola, No patents ,(which they’ll license for the purpose of mobile), No R&D and special projects, but what they get is a great mobile company with a great team.