Here is how Facebook plans to bring Drone powered internet to Africa

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If Google thought they were the only company that had a plan to shower us with those ‘internet waves’ I guess they have to think again, in a bid to push the internet for all initiative ( that was launched last year, Facebook may be preparing its next major purchase. According to techblog TechCrunch and CNBC, the social giant will buy drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace for $60 million and plans to use its products to help spread internet access worldwide.

Both Facebook and Google are on a race to provide reliable internet to different parts of the planet in a vision where the entire world is online. And of late, Facebook, has largely been focused on buying consumer technology companies and apps — most notably, WhatsApp and Instagram.

The Drones can last for half a decade hovering in space

According to Titan Aerospace the solar-powered drones are capable of staying in the air for for half a decade. And when used as a communication hub, Titan Aerospace says that a single drone could create a voice and data network with “the reach of over one hundred terrestrial cell towers.” We are not sure yet of the speeds and capacities in terms of bandwidth these drones will offer but the most interesting bit is that Facebook is reportedly interested in flying the drones over Africa to start.

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TechCrunch further reports reports that on closing, Titan Aerospace’s entire production would go toward At the start they intend to build 11,000 Solara 60 model drones for the initiative.

Google has already began experimenting with large air balloons under project loon last year, and Facebook will basically do the same thing with drones, and we yet to see the out come. For both Facebook and Google it will all  come down to what is cheaper to maintain in the air, a humongous solar powered  balloon or a high tech solar powered drone. Your guess is a good as mine. Neither outlet states when the supposed deal between Facebook and Titan Aerospace would be announced.

So what still remains to be answered are questions like when will they kick off or how much will it how cost. Did someone say free? No I guess I was just dreaming. So, till the deal is officially closed we shall keep you updated.