Have a feel of using the Galaxy Note 3 on any Android device

Want to get know how it feels like to use Samsung’s latest Android big phone?  Well Samsung is hoping that an app in the Play Store called the Galaxy Note 3 Experience will help you find out all of its great
features. There are some promo videos, and live interactive full-screen tutorials showing how features work on the Note 3 on whatever device you currently use.

All the gimmky features like Air Command, Multi Window, Scrapbook and more are all on
display, and they actually look pretty good considering that everything is just running in an app. The app also simulates how the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear, interact although that implementation is a little clumsy to us.

The app also does you some good even if you already have made the choice to go with a Note 3. If you install it on your device, you’ll get tutorials on all of the great features at your disposal that you may
not have discovered on your own. Try it out before you buy or so if you want to buy.