This is what could happen if you forgot your smartphone at home

When you leave smartphone at home

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[/blockquote]You are mid-way to town in traffic jam in a taxi or car only to realize you have forgotten your smartphone home. Well,  this has happened to most of us at some point. It could be that you were just running late for work or going to the gym. It could be that you needed one of those journeys where you detach from your cell phone. Think of a smartphone as the 21st century cocaine that gets you so hooked that living without it is something you cannot imagine. So these are some of the things that could happen if you forgot your smartphone at home.


Yes, there is a phobia for everything. Nomophobia is the fear of being out of contact with a mobile phone. Apparently, it’s a real condition and I can attest to that. It has been proposed as a ‘specific phobia’ that could be added to the list of official mental disorders of course in the USA. In case you were wondering why it was named that way, it comes from the phrase no-mobile-phone phobia.

Nomophobia hits you when you run out of batteries, run out of data and especially, when you don’t have your phone. Though you might not have nomophobia, you almost certainly have had anxiety from not having your phone. Why would you put yourself through any sort of anxiety? Just always remember take your cell phone with you.

your friends and family will start to worry

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Have you ever called or chatted with a friend or family member who usually picks up or responds to your WhatsApp messages within seconds and suddenly they don’t respond? It’s troubling, your mind starts coming up with reasons for their not answering. This is an uncomfortable feeling and you shouldn’t put your friends, family or significant other through this. Unless you are deliberately intending to do so.

The smartphone age has made it where we can always get hold of someone, 24/7. You might not like this, but it is a fact and everyone who agrees to incorporate a smartphone into their day-to-day lifestyle needs to accept this.

Let’s say you go to Jinja on a weekend camping trip and you decide not to take your cell phone. You will forget to tell someone in your contacts what you’re doing and they will start to worry. Even if you tell people where you are and that you don’t have your cell phone, they will still worry.

a notification overload

Leaving a meeting for just an hour without my phone can generate over fifty notifications. I can just imagine what will happen after a full day.  I will certainly have tons of notifications backed up. These could be tweets, calls, texts, emails, etc. They will all be there waiting for you when you get back and you will probably try to respond to at least most of them.

During the day or two you didn’t have your cell phone there was probably a time when you weren’t doing anything exciting. It doesn’t matter if you were sitting in a taxi (beware of phone snatching thieves by the way), waiting in line at a bank or “chilling” at the beach, you had some free time. You could have just answered your notifications during this time, then they wouldn’t be backed up.

Unanswered notifications make some people anxious. You’ve probably said after being away from your smartphone, ‘now I’m going to have a hundred notifications.’ If you’re getting away from your phone to get some relaxation, you might find you worry about who’s contacting you and how many messages you’ll have to answer once you’re back with your phone.

contacts not available

Let me ask you some questions. When was the last time you kept more than 10 numbers off your head and just dial them into your phone without the help of your phone? Do you know any of your contacts’ phone numbers, email addresses or home addresses? Could you reach them at all if you didn’t have your cell phone? Face it, your cell phone has all the contact information for everyone in your life. Without it, it’s very difficult to contact people.  You need to have your cell phone because without it you cannot contact them when you need to.

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miss appointments

So you decide to do something mundane without your cell phone. You go to get your haircut or car washed. But you had an important appointment you needed to keep and you set your scheduling app to remind you an hour prior. If you just had your phone you could have made the appointment. Well this applies to the extra busy people who have opted to schedule all their daily appointments on their smartphones.

You probably have a scheduler, note app and/or appointment app. You downloaded and use these apps for a reason, because you always have your cell phone and they remind you to not miss important events.

you could need some important information

Your smartphone has important information from the internet that you might need. These could include a quick daily dose of news, the latest movie trailer, social media updates,  some are addicted to Googling everything, the list goes on.

smartphone could get stolen

I know it sounds awkward, getting your smartphone stolen at your home especially if you stay alone. Well it is true, if you leave your phone unaccompanied, you run the risk of it being stolen. Sure, it could get stolen if you bring it with you, but at least that way you have control. When it’s away from you it is outside of your purview.

Heaven forbid the phone actually does get stolen from your house while you’re away. This is devastating. Most of use never even bother to insure these expensive gadgets against theft, and police has never proved resourceful in recovering stolen phones once you report your case to them. But more importantly, your data gets stolen and so does the contact information from your friends, coworkers and family members. Have anything you want kept secret on your phone? Take it with you.

Do you ever leave your smartphone at home? Let us know why in the comments below.