Gozee is a new website that allows Ugandans to find the healthcare they need

Gozee website

A new, website called Gozee has been launched in Uganda today and allows Ugandans to search from over 2,500 verified healthcare facilities and pharmacies and request an appointment booking at select facilities. People will be able to find doctors and health services. At no cost, users can review verified information on over 2,500 Ugandan hospitals, clinics, health centers and pharmacies to better understand their options for care. Using filters that include specialty, location, or preferred payment option, users can narrow down the facilities and then view profiles and location information. A growing number of facilities will allow anyone to request an appointment booking directly through the website.

Dr. Katumba Ssentongo the Registrar of the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council (UMDPC) says “Gozee will improve access to information on health facilities throughout the country. It has the potential to change the way people understand and seek health care.” Launching first in Uganda, the website will soon expand its offerings and reach to Kenya, Nigeria and beyond.

While health searching and booking sites are popular globally, such sites have been limited to date in Uganda and sub-Saharan Africa more generally. Gozee looks to change that. With verified information on thousands of facilities throughout the country, an easy-to-use interface, and a deep understanding of the healthcare market in Uganda, Gozee offers a consumer solution that is tailored to the market. “Gozee is a unique type of offering for Uganda,” commented Dr. Herbert Turyagyenda, the Regional Director of access.mobile and the former General Manager of AAR Healthcare Uganda. He continued, “Patients will be able to make more informed, and hopefully better, choices around their healthcare, both for themselves and their families.” The Director Bugolobi Medical Center and President Uganda Private Medical Practitioners Association Dr. Peter Kawanguzi, says “We are excited about the launch of the Gozee website. Our current and potential patients will easily be able to find us, contact us and seek the care they need.”

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