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In a bid to rectify mistakes by the past Uganda Telecom (UTL) management, the team appointed to revive UTL led by Twebaze Bemanya is busy addressing all the concerns raised by Ministries Departments & Agencies (MDAs). Recently, Keith Muhakanizi’s wrote a directive requiring all MDAs to 100% buy all their telecom requirements (internet data, mobile & fixed phone lines services) from UTL.

According to the Daily Monitor, top on the list was the fact that UTL has the slowest internet speeds on the market. This has been because past management didn’t invest in network quality and speed whereby to this day, UTL operates on 2G where competitors are on 4G -LTE.

This affects internet speed and the one operating 4G will simply offer internet that is twice faster than UTL’s 2G. In what sounds like an impossibility, Bemanya’s team has engaged a partner to ensure that by December, UTL operates on 4G-LTE.
That will put its internet speed at par with competitors. What is more exciting is that, because of its 9% shareholding in WIOCC which controls and owns internet at the Coast, UTL is in the long term going to offer faster and cheaper/more affordable internet and thereby implementing the President’s dream of universal access to internet by all Ugandans.

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Critics have talked about UTL’s invisibility in Kampala and other major towns, a concern Bemanya’s team is addressing. Recently an order was placed to bring in large quantities of branding materials and by December, UTL colors and branded outlets will once again be seen everywhere in Uganda. This will create awareness, pride and inspire brand loyalty. Currently in the interim, as that is being awaited, UTL customers are able to purchase and access services like airtime loading vouchers from a few UTL outlets, pay way stations and major banks that support M-Sente services. These include KCB, Equity, Centenary, Pride Microfinance and others.

MDAs have began complying with directive

In the meantime, the MDAs that have complied with Muhakanizi’s directive are being connected to the UTL 2G network as UTL plans their 4G -LTE  network.
The UTL team has ably offered them CUG/Closed User Group and other mobile services. For both mobile and fixed phone lines, airtime is monthly being loaded onto their phones and support services have greatly improved.

It takes a maximum of one day for a customer’s service-related concerns to be addressed where it took months under past management. Some of the MDAs that are fully having their telecom needs (internet data, mobile and fixed phone services) served by the revamping UTL include: SFC, State House, President’s Office, Parliament, IGG, Auditor General’s Office, Uganda Police Force, UPDF/Defense Ministry, UBOS, UETCL, Makerere University, Uganda Heart Institute, Uganda Cancer Institute, Uganda Virus Institute, LDC, Equal Opportunities Commission, UNRA, KCCA, Local Government Finance Commission, DPP’s office, State House/Okello House, Uganda Development Bank, Uganda Law Reform Commission, the Judiciary, UNBS/Bweyogerere, Uganda Prisons (Hqts), URSB, UNMA Meteorology, Privatization Unit, Standard Gauge Railway project, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Water, Tourism/Wildlife, Energy, Public Service, Finance and Education headed by Janet Museveni.