GoTV Uganda increases monthly subscription

GoTV subscription_hero

As digital migration deadline draws near, Pay TV channels are doing their best to up their game. GoTV Uganda has announced that with effect from 1st April, they will increase monthly subscription of their GoTV plus package by UGX 2,500 and UGX 2,000 for GoTV standard. The new tariffs now become UGX 28,000 from UGX 25,500 for GoTV Plus and GoTV Standard increases to UGX20,000 from UGX 18,000. This was confirmed in a SMS sent to its customers earlier this week

GoTV subscription

This comes a time when GOtv has renumbered its channels in the entertainment genre in order to create capacity for new channels and future expansion. On 2, March, the pay changed all entertainment channel positions and numbers have changed. These changes have been implemented today, 2 March 2015 as illustrated in the company’s Facebook post below:

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  • JON @segujer

    for jah’s sake WTh** is this when a greater majority of Ugandans do not own the damn set top boxes