GOtv introduces Uganda’s cheapest Pay TV bouquet: Check out pricing and more

GOTV at 5k

Effective the 20th of this month, GOtv Lite will go live from the digital terrestrial broadcaster and promises a mixture of 18 local and international channels. GOtv lite is now crowned the Cheapest Pay TV bouquet in Uganda for 5000 UGX per month, dethroning Startimes’ Nova that goes for 8000 UGX per month with a host of local channels and a selected international channel lineup. You can as well pay 12,000 UGX & 28,500 UGX on a quarterly or annual basis respectively.

GOTV Lite channels
GOTV Lite channels

While the GOtv decoder remains pricy at 87, 500 UGX in contrast to Startimes’  33,500 UGX for their SD decoder, GOtv’s appeal has always drawn numbers to its side. With its recent move of adding more sports channels to beef up its channel lineup, some broadcasting the English Premier League, this is like an icing to the cake that will help the multichoice owned brand cement it’s position in Uganda’s pay-TV space.

The extension of these channels to the DTT player is yet to be tested whether it will be maintained it or whether it was done on promotional purposes, for its satellite sibling, DSTV. Given the channels are staples on DSTV than they’re to GOtv.

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DSTV in particular has long held a tight grip on Uganda’s pay-TV space over its exclusive pay-TV rights to broadcast the English Premier League, which draws millions of fans here in Uganda and other sports packagings. And now that this exclusivity has found haven on GOtv, this new move strengthens it’s stand against the competition that is – Startimes and a slew of FTA DTT players that have thronged the market, with not so much content to offer.