Google X labs pushes out another product, a ‘smart’ contact lens for the diabetic

In September last year, we had a big post on how Google X labs will invent the future, and this time it’s not project loon or ant Smartphone, — the company just announced that it’s working on a “smart contact lens.” Not to be confused with its own Google glass project,  this one is taking a more medical approach — it’s meant to help diabetes patients keep track of their glucose levels. The lens has a small wireless chip and glucose monitor that will measure the glucose levels of the wearer’s tears.

Current levels of measuring sugar levels involve a lot of pricking for blood samples and tends to be painful, so Google’s hoping that it’ll be a less painful and invasive. The search giant wants it to act as an early warning device for when glucose levels start dropping — the company imagines putting a little LED light in the lens that could indicate levels dropping above or below a set threshold.

Google says it’s working with the Federal Drug Authority  and is also looking for other partners who are “experts in bringing products like this to market.”  In the usual Google tradition the company also envisions apps built for the smart lens to make the measurements available to users. Till it’s released we still await more products like these from the Google X labs.

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