Google working on making Android Wear iPhone compatible

Android wear working on iphone

Google wants its smartwatch platform to be universal and the according to the Verge, the company is working on bridging the gap and bring its Android Wear to work with the iPhone just like the Apple Watch will do. The search giant has reportedly finalized the technical details, and await Apple’s approval. So the question to ask is whether Apple will allow it’s close competition be compatible with the iPhone.

Android Wear will work with the iPhone along with a companion app which supports simple functions like notifications — as you can see in the featured image above. Google Now cards will be supported as well including, voice search, and other voice actions. You will also be able to reply to Gmail messages.

We already have companies like Pebble that have support for both iOS and Android who have also managed to get features like music control and watch apps working on its smartwatch with the iPhone. The question remains if Google will also be able to do the same. Not so long ago we saw a video of a developer who was able to port Android Wear to work on iOS.

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Source: The Verge