Google wants to sell you a phone you can assemble yourself at $50

When Google sold off Motorola, it decided to keep a special project team, (Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects) that was working on a modular phone concept, according to a report in Time, Google’s project Ara smartphone could arrive in early next year. The phone is rumored to cost only $50. The affordable self assembled device will include the most basic setup with Wi-Fi, but no cellular connection.

So now here is the catch, any additional modules you buy will you cost extra dimes. The search giant avail several models later on when the device launches.

Google’s team working on the device claims that the phones will come in different pocket-friendly  size up to a full-blown phablet. You will however not be able to customize the device size. Google will supply the systema skeletale of the device on which you will add your components, this way, the search giant will be able to maintain tight control over the platform.

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The modular concept works in such a way that you can change any part of your phone that you feel wants an upgrade. If you think your current 8 megapixel camera is not suiting you well, you can easily buy a 13 megapixel sensor, and easily replace it  and you are good to go.

We are yet to know who will be Google’s official partner in making the device but we shall get to at the company’s  dedicated conference on its brainchild in mid-April.

  • rogekk

    cant wait to assemble my own ‘piece’

  • Techjaja Staff

    Great device can wait to try it out