Google wants to make computers that understand us

Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page has today come out with an interesting revelation about Google’s future dream for computers, while speaking at the TED talks in a Q&A session. Among other things, the spoke about computers that are able to understand and perhaps do things that their owners aren’t exactly good at.

Google currently doesn’t play a big role on the PC business, Larry says  “Computing’s kind of a mess.” The problem, among other things, is that computers are not aware of their users. At most, they can know their location, but not what the human is doing, what their needs are, and things like that. Larry implies that Google’s goal, therefore, is to make computers more aware of contexts in order to be of better help.

The search giant has gone through several initiatives like the recent Android Wear announcement , which is a big jump into the wearable device market. Perhaps closer to this goals is its purchase of AI startup DeepMind early this year. Employing speech recognition on a machine that went through the YouTube library, the machine was able to discover about cats on its own, taking it one step closer to human-level sentience. Lets not forget Google is already working on self-driving cars which also marks a big foray into the automobile industry, which also Page points

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Page to time out to express his disappointment of the US government over all the NSA katzenjammer. Or to be more exact, he was disappointed that the US government did not engage them, Google and other implicated tech companies, into a discussion, saying that Google cannot protect its users from the government over something they weren’t even aware of.

Talking about Google’s core business, Larry Page said, search is still at the heart of Google’s vision. But to successfully pull that off, one needs to have computers that can truly understand that world.