Google wants more Girls to code and is investing $50 million

google wants more girls to code
google wants more girls to code
Girls Embracing computer science (Image Credit:

Google recently released its first diversity report that called upon more women to embrace computer science, the company now wants to take it up a notch to make sure that more girls get coding. Yesterday the company announced a new program called Made with Code with several coding projects, and has partnered with youth organizations, and a $50 million fund which the search giant says will help get more women take part in the computer science field.

“Make a Selfie Styler”

Among the coding projects there is , a selfie styler, an animated GIF-maker, 3D printed bracelet and a music composer all of which will be implemented through Google’s Blockly visual programming language, that can be found in introductory code-training tools like This program is currently running in the US and we hope Google will spread the love elsewhere in the world.