Google unleashes a new WhatsApp competitor Messaging App called Allo

Allo Messaging app

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[/blockquote]Forget Google Chat, Google Buzz or Hangouts, the internet search Giant as unveiled a new and modern Messaging App called Allo. The app comes at a time when we have the like of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with over a billion users.  Allo is a smart messaging app and just like WhatsApp it’s based on your phone number. It just like any other chat app with stickers and emoji. Google says that the stickers are sourced from independent artists around the world. So what makes Allo really special? It’s based on three core principles viz:  Expression, Assistant, and Security.

AI is taking over messaging

It has the “WhisperShout” feature that allow you  to drag your finger on the send button up or down to resize the text. You can doodle on top of photos, with a feature called “Ink.” Google also added “smart replies” to Allo. It’s like in the Inbox email app. Google just suggests what you should say. Because typing is hard. And if you can get a robot to say things for you, you should. The replies you get aren’t just canned replies. Google says they’re actually based on the history of things that you type, so they’re customized to you. The smart replies look like they could be useful. Allo suggests “smart replies” based on the current state of your relationships. For example when it’s time to dump your girlfriend, it will let you know. And hey! Smart replies work on photos. Google is literally looking at the photo you send, recognizing what it is, and offering you smart replies based on it. Allo recognizes that this is a dog, that it’s a cute dog. We just imagine how Smart replies to photos will change the very nature of sexting. Clearly Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over messaging apps.

With the new Google Assistant, you can have conversations with friends. It suggests a proactive suggestion. So instead of just replying with some text or an emoji, it just shoots an actual Google search into your chat. How cool! For the developed nations, Allo can find a restaurant, then it can just straight up book the table for you with the Open Table App. Right from the chat app. So the idea is you don’t have to bounce out of the app to search for a restaurant, or bounce out to another app to book the table. So such third-party integrations is at least something iMessage can’t do (yet).

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The App also some some robot features, you can just Google stuff in the chat too by typing @google. And you can just chat with Google directly too, in a private chat with Google. Asking the app, “Did my team win?” — Google is apparently smart enough to know what your team is without you telling it in the query. It can just give you the latest score. YouTube videos play right inside chat. Saying “Let’s play a game.” Google will suggests an emoji game. You guess the film title based on a string of emoji.

Incognito Mode

Just like Chrome, there’s an Incognito Mode for Allo. Incognito makes chats End-to-End encryption (regular chats are encrypted but not end-to-end). Incognito chats give private notifications, and chats expire something we have seen in the latest Chat Apps like Snapchat.


Video Support

Apart from Allo, google has launched another video chat app called Duo a FaceTime competitor, so Apple fans be aware. Duo is a one-to-one video calling app. It’s also based on your phone number. It works on Android and iOS. There’s a feature called “knock knock” that shows a live video stream of the caller when it starts ringing, before you pick up. Duo is “reliable.” It “proactively monitors network quality multiple times per second” and can “seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and cellular.”


Allo and Duo will be available on both Android and iOS later this year. You can register for the App here on the Play Store as we wait for the official release.