Google takes a big step towards a secure Internet with enforcing https

Google Inc. the internet giant commonly known for their Search  and email service used by billions of people all-over the world have taken a massive step towards a secure Internet by enforcing HTTPS on all the websites accessed via web browser Chrome.

Google announced that starting October all websites accessed via Chrome (version 62) will show a “NOT SECURE” this warning will be on any websites without an SSL certificate where users enter data, plus websites visited in incognito mode for those who enjoy some bit of privacy.

Just to get you up to speed SSL(Secure Socket Layer) a security feature used to encrypt end to end communications between the website and its user.

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For those who have used twitter, Facebook the “green padlock” just be before the website url it represents connection over SSL.

Any type of data submitted including the following will be marked as insecure;

  1. Website search form / fields
  2. Contact forms were users add information such as: name, email, comments etc.
  3. Any kind of information transmitted to your server such as subscription forms or any form of input field that’s collecting data from the user.

What this means to anyone having a website will have to look into a possibility of getting an SSL certificate to avoid the “NOT SECURE” warning.

However there is no need to panic yet, for those using WHM/CPANEL, can make use of the free SSL certificate provided by comodo and Lets Encrypt by visiting  the link below;