Google says Turkey is spying on it’s citizens

turkey_googleIn the recent past weeks Turkey’s decision to block access to popular websites like Twitter and Youtube has prompted it’s citizens to evade the ban making  use of Google’s domain name service. Now Google reports says that most Turkish internet service providers are disguising as Google DNS, presumptively to spy on users. The Google Blogspot goes on to further reveal: “We have received several credible reports and confirmed with our own research that Google’s Domain Name System (DNS) service has been intercepted,”

Currently, Turkish ISPs have set up servers that appear to be Google’s, according to Google, putting users at risk that their traffic could be monitored.

The crack down on Turkish social media services came after the country’s prime minister, Recep Erdoğan, was entailed in a corruption scandal in which recordings that purportedly showed him telling his son to dispose of large sums of cash emerged on Twitter, YouTube and other social media services.

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