Google relaxes its requirements about pre-installed apps on Android Phones

Galaxy s6 and s6 edge_aerial

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We’ve all experienced this annoying situation when you buy a phone with 16GB internal memory only to discover you can only use  12GB of that space. If reports from Android Central are be taken as the sole truth, we shall see fewer pre-installed apps on Android Phones and we all know that less bloatware means more user memory. This means apps like Google+, Google Play Games, Google Play Books and Google Newsstand will no longer come pre-installed something which is logical since most of these apps are rarely use. It should be noted that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5, doesn’t come with Google+ pre-installed.

Given the Open Source nature of Android, Google has saddled its handset partners with app requirements — and there’s no debate about it. If, for instance, Samsung wants to make an Android handset with the Gmail app, it historically would also be required to give customers Google+ and Newsstand.

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Not only does bloatware take up valuable storage space and memory, it takes away choice on the part of the consumer. We only hope Android OEMs will emulate Google and strip down on the bloatware that comes pre-loaded or give users an option to uninstall them. Google says that the apps that won’t come pre-installed will be available to download in the Google Play Store.