Google Play Movies store now works in Uganda, Let the fun begin

Google play movies in Ugadan

One of our biggest gripes about Google Play services was that annoying exclusivity of their content to the US and Europe,every time you would even side load the app you would get no content in vain. After the recent up date of the Google Play store to version 4.6.17, Android users will be happy to know that Google Play Movies & Music store now works in Uganda and will for the first time get access to movies on their phones and tablets. The movies range from several genres like Action & Adventure, comedy Drama, Horror and also Music.

Nothing comes for free, as Google expands it’s web around the world, the company is rolling out the best of what it has in entertainment.  Movie prices range from UGX 33,000 to 5,000 for movies like the Amazing Spiderman, Lego the range of movies available is vast. However don’t expect local content at least for now. Music on the Google Play movies store will cost you as low as UGX 2,500. All you need to do is to connect your VISA card to the Google Play store and you will start enjoying the unlimited entertainment Google has put in our hands.

We shall talk more about this app, in our chromecast review next week so update your play store (restart your device in case all fails, it will update automatically) pull out those debit or credit cards and let the fun begin.