Google invites press for breakfast with Android Boss on 24th July: Is it for a New Andorid version or Moto X? We wonder

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An invitation to a special Google event was sent to the press promising a breakfast with Android Boss Sundar Pichai. The event to take place on July 24th will center on Android itself, especially considering the several appearances of Android’s next-generation features in teasers for the Motorola-made smartphone Moto X.

There is also speculation that Google would create a side-event like this to prepare the world for the software side of things before the smartphone is unveiled in full. Motorola’s hero phone will carry Google’s next edition of Android right out of the box, so to speak, but it’s just as important for the company to identify the software’s features for the rest of the Android-toting device universe.

According to SlashGear  Recent rumblings about a reboot for the Google Nexus 7 are also a part of the list of possibilities for this event. If a new version of Android is in the mix, what better way to announce it in than with another new device?

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Source:  SlashGear