Google granted pay per gaze patent, aims to mint more money from Glass

Google could be betting that advertisers will pay to know whether consumers are actually looking at their billboards, magazine spreads, and online ads.  Google is calling it “pay-per-gaze” advertising, and it involves charging advertisers if the user looks at an ad — online or offline — while wearing Glass.

But what’s interesting is what Google says that it might do with a gaze-tracking system in place: The idea is to measure how long a person looks at an ad, as well as their emotional response as indicated by pupil dilation.

Advertisers could be charged based on whether the user looked directly at the ad and, if so, for how long. The patent also says Google could collect (and charge advertisers for) analytical data such as how long an ad held the user’s gaze and what emotional response it generated. Emotional response would be determined, in part, on the user’s pupil dilation while looking at the ad.

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Yes, it’s creepy. It’s outlandish. And it’s pure Google.

Source: The Verge