Google glass competition begins, have a look at GlassUP

GlassUP, a Google Glass rival has announced its own wearable display project, throwing the wireless headset open to crowdfunding backers. GlassUP team argues its full glasses design is more functional than Google’s eyepiece and aims to raise over $150,000. It beams details from your Bluetooth-tethered smartphone onto the lens from a projector mounted in the right arm of the frame as seen above.

One of the disappointing features is that display itself is monochrome and just 320 x 240 in resolution (and will be either green or amber in the final units), but the makers claim that it helps keep battery life reasonably long up to 150 hours of standby, and  eight hours of “normal” use. This is at least twice longer than Google Glass.

There are a number of Sensors including an accelerometer, compass, ambient light, and an altimeter, and the glasses are expected to weigh about 65g. Which is heavier than it’s rival Google’s Glass. Early backers will have to put down $199 for a unit, with the final price expected to be $399. Enjoy the glass app overview video below.

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