Google Doodle Competition Launched in Kenya

Google has today launched a Doodle competition and has called on students to participate. The competition themed ‘My Kenya’ is inspired by Kenya’s Jubilee year, marking 50 years since independence.

Farzana Khubchandani,Head of marketing at Google Kenya called on all students eligible for the challenge to participate

“We invite all Kenyan students aged between 6-18 to participate in the competition as Kenya is celebrating 50 years of independence in December. This is a chance for us to celebrate Kenya’s Jubilee year and see Kenya through the eyes of the next generation who will shape our country. It is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase young creators’ artwork on the Google homepage,viewed by millions,”Farzana said.

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Doodles are spontaneous and exciting changes made to the Google logo and have long been a part of the Google brand. The winning student’s artwork will be displayed on the Google homepage.

Doodles have previously commemorated local events and heroes such as Wangari Maathai and events ranging from Kenya’s Independence day to the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara.The ‘Doodle 4 Google’ will be the first nationwide drawing competition by Google inviting all aspiring young artists from the country to design their own Google logo,inspired by the theme ‘My Kenya’.

The deadline for submitting the doodles is 14th June and the winner will be announced on July 26 and the winning doodle will be displayed on the Google homepage for 24 hours in August. The winner will receive Sh 800,000 ($9564) worth of school fees, a Shs 800,000 technology equipment grant for his or her school and an Android tablet for the teacher who aided the student.

Source: AllAfrica