Google buys Boston Dynamics, sinks its teeth deep into the robotics world

Remember the running wild cat robot we featured in our watch this section way back in October? Well Google has acquired the robotics engineering company Boston Dynamics, behind the great robotics works. The company is best known for its line of quadrupeds with funny paces and often mind-blowing potentialities. The company also previously demonstrated in recent years products like BigDog, a motorized robot that can handle ice and snow, the 29 mile-per-hour Cheetah,the list goes on. According to the The New York Times the company was acquired yesterday, which says that the Massachusetts-based company’s role in future Google projects is currently unclear.

Andy Rubin the former Android lead and now head of Google’s robotics team earlier this month told the same newspapers that his next big project at Google was “to pursue a lifelong love of real robots. We have written about the Google X lab best known for “moonshot” projects like balloon-powered internet and self-driving cars. Seven robot companies have been acquired by Google quietly and hired robotics experts.