Google and Roke Telkom finally launch the largest WiFi network in Kampala

roke telecom wifi

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After several months of speculation and rumor-mill, Roke Telkom in partnership with Google’s project Link have today finally launched the largest consumer WiFi network in Kampala.  As we reported earlier, Roke Telkom ‘s WiFi network will use Google’s Project Link fiber with over 120 hotspots around Kampala allowing people to access the internet on their phones, tablets and any other WiFi capable device.

Google has been leasing its Fiber network to other telecom companies in Kampala including Smile Telecom and  Africell  and other Internet service providers (ISPs) which have helped boast the speed of broadband access in Kampala through 4G-LTE technology. The deal with Roke Telkom cements Google’s business in Uganda which has the largest fiber infrastructure in and around Kampala and will only provide access to this fiber to interested telecos and other ISPs. Any ISPs determine the throughput or data speeds they purchase from Google’s infrastructure which later trickles down the speed and cost to their customers by providing reliable internet access.

In a Blogpost, Google said;

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[signoff icon=”quote-circled”]To help keep up with the demand for wireless bandwidth, we’re working with additional providers to launch similar Wi-Fi offerings. Local providers can also use our Wi-Fi hotzone network to offer wireless service in homes, cafes, and small business with a small transceiving device. Roke Telkom, as well as any future partners, will determine the specific speeds and costs of the service for end users. [/signoff]

The WiFi Coverage

Gone are the days of having to be in a particular spot to access fast WiFi speeds as Roke Telkom wants to change this with their goal of offering fast wireless internet speeds  in homes, cafes, and SMEs . The WiFi coverage is current limited to the central part of Kamapla as the company expands to other areas. Local providers can use this shared Wi-Fi infrastructure to bring Wi-Fi to people on-the-go at busy locations—like Seroma Shoppers Stop Plaza or Ben Kiwanuka Old Taxi Park. We are launching this service today with Roke Telkom, the first provider to offer Wi-Fi using Project Link hotzones. There is no official word on word on pricing of this service yet, but initial rumors indicate that unlimited access for a day will go for a low as UGX 1,000. We shall give it as spin let you know how it performs.