wants to change the way Ugandans do online shopping


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[/blockquote]Online shopping is fast catching up in Uganda. With many companies taking root, Ugandans are now literally spoilt for choice, when they pick that mouse and search for what to purchase. One of the companies that are disruptive in terms of innovating and radically doing E-commerce in Uganda is a platform that enables one shop from renowned online retailers and vendors like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart with one checkout point.

Many Ugandans who have had experiences of buying mediocre products online, keep searching multiple websites wondering how they can purchase and receive genuine brand-name merchandise at the lowest prices possible from world renowned online retailer chains like E-Bay, Marcy’s, Amazon and Wal-Mart. is changing that with its operations. According to Masaba Mas Yunus, the Public Relations Manager of GoodsExpress Uganda, the platform enables Ugandans to buy quality merchandise from trusted global online retailers and stores such as Amazon, E-Bay and Wal-Mart at the best possible price and competitive shipping rates. “We have also introduced new features on the website which will enable a customer to add a link of their preferred item from another website if the particular item is not available on our platform”. Mas further elaborates that the shipping fee for items above USD 50  weighing a pound or less will only pay shipping for only one item and the rest will be shipped for free with all taxes always included in the shipping fee.
GoodsExpress makes it safe and easy to buy and receive products from around the corner — or around the world — and ensures that clients get the authentic merchandise they expect.
“GoodsExpress works with trusted sellers and verified retailers, so you never have to worry about where your money is going and who may have your personal information. Your GoodsExpress online transaction is secure, whether you shop through our website or a local retailer’s kiosk,” Mas says.

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With local offices and local payment methods accepted, answers the question of safety of receipt of one’s payment with all payment modes availed whilst having a return policy for products that don’t match their description as described on the website.

How Works

The whole world is your shopping mall when you go to Goods Express and browse our selection of high-quality, brand-name merchandise from well-known stores.

1. Find what you want

Simply search for the item of your choice in the search bar. If you can think of it, will find it for you.

2. Learn about the product you found

A number of search results will be displayed. Browse through the results and find what suits you. Select the product you want and view its details such as images, description, reviews, ordering options and more

3: Add to cart

Choose which price, shipping cost and delivery time options best meet your needs and add to your shopping cart.

4: Provide payment and shipping information

Proceed to checkout and enter your payment and shipping information. You can have your items sent directly to an address or to one of our secure pick up kiosks.

5: Receive your items

Goods Express keeps you updated on your order status throughout the process, confirming when your order has been placed, processed, shipped and delivered. Your delivery will either arrive at your shipping address or will be ready for pick-up at the location you specified.

That’s it! If it’s out there, Goods Express will find it for you, so you can enjoy your merchandise sooner and with affordable shipping.

Payment Methods accepts international and local payment methods including credit/debit cards, checks, mobile money, bank transfers, and cash. We hope a mobile money option will be introduced soon.