Goodbye spam mail: You can now unsubscribe and block unwanted emails in your Gmail

unsubscribe and block in your Gmail

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Having trouble with so many spam emails hitting your inbox? Well, Google’s making it easier to unsubscribe and block unwanted email senders from reaching your inbox. Today, the company has announced that it’s including a simple “block” button to the web and Android versions of Gmail that automatically routes future messages from that person to your spam folder. In case you have blocked someone by mistake, worry not, the process is reversible can be undone in the Gmail’s settings.

The web version of Gmail has had the unsubscribe feature from newsletters and other mass email blasts is also making its way to Gmail for Android for the first time. In fact, the app has already been updated to support this feature — though I’m not (yet) seeing the option where it’s supposed to be within message view. So say goodbye to annoying and unwanted aka spam that you now easily unsubscribe and block in your Gmail.