Good Deal: get UTL’s Blackberry service for just UGX 1,000

blackberry local

Good news for the die-hard Blackberry fans in Uganda out there, no need to be left out in the several promos that have forgotten and alienated your device’s existence. UTL has a pretty good deal for you. If have a Blackberry device, and want to sign up for a Blackberry service, the company is currently offering one for as low as UGX 1,000. That’s a very nice markdown from the very expensive subscription models of the recent past. Although the telco is not being clear if the UGX 1,000 is valid for a day or a month.

It’s now comparable to some of MTN’s BlackBerry service plans that also cost as low as UGX 1,000 daily for a social plan. At the sane price on UTL, you will be able to access your mail, SMS, MMS, Facebook, Twitter, your personal organizer, just about everything you need from your smartphone. To activate this option you must be a UTL subscriber and dial *145# and follow the prompts.


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