The Good and Bad of New Technologies for Children!!!

The Good and Bad of New Technologies for Children

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[/blockquote]Today, children are born with gadgets and are always surrounded by the new technologies. They know so much about the technology that they are called the digital natives now. Observe any house around you and there, you will find a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a game console. Now think again and have a flashback! Did u teach your kid to use technology? I guess, the answer is NO. We all are impressed by the way children have access to new technologies and the way they use it at their early age.

This ease of access that children have to new technologies makes us ask ourselves what benefits are the benefits of technology for children and what dangers may lie in using them.

1.     Benefits of new technologies for children

New technologies, like everything else, have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the benefits, what good things these contribute to children? Here are a few:

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– Develop the skills in children, help them make decisions and solve problems to analyze and observe.

– It is an excellent form of communication as they can be in contact with people from other places.

– It is an open window to knowledge. With only a click kids can access any type of information.

– Can be used as a tool for school support and help improve academic results.

– They are a great tool to help children with disabilities or learning disability.

– Stimulates research, discovery or desire to learn from other children.

2.     Drawbacks of new technologies for children

New technologies also have their dangers, especially for children, precisely because they disregard these dangers such as cyberbullying, grooming, sexting etc. Have a look at these dangers:

– While navigating web pages, they can come across damaging content such as pornography or racist material.

– They can become friend with stranger danger with the inappropriate use of interactive services such as chat, e-mail, social forums, etc. The danger is the potential contact with strangers as potential pedophiles or people who intend to incite the commission of crimes.

– The most critical sector to the Internet denounces the gradual “subordination” of minors to the screen.

How to avoid the drawbacks?

There are ways through which parents can protect their kids from these threats. Some are explained below:

– The first step we must take into account when children begin to use new technology is the control and limits their digital use.

– Know what pages they visit, who do they surf and what activities they perform. To do that you can take the assistance of parental monitoring apps such as FamilyTime.

– Information in these cases is our main ally. It is very important that we talk with our children and tell them about the different types of harassment that can occur through the Internet and social networks.

– Fostering the dialogue we will help create a climate of confidence that will help the child to tell what happens.

– We must explain to children that they should not provide personal information to strangers and must be less friendly with people who have met online unless they are accompanied by an adult.

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