Going Greener with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered cars

toyota FCV concept
Toyota FCV concept: Image Credit Toyota

Four in every five cars here in Uganda comes from Japan of course from Toyota, most of these are either diesel or petrol powered cars. Toyota will reportedly bring a commercial hydrogen fuel cell car to the road by 2015, but is the technology ready for us to adopt? As Africa still warps his head around Electric and hybrid cars, technology is advancing and it won’t wait for us. Even if the new hydrogen fuel technology sounds like a much greener solution compared to the current fuel options technology, there are still some hindrances — the major ones being storing and transporting the hydrogen gas itself.


Every problem has a solution, as researchers from the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) think that they can solve it using ammonia (yes another chemical), Its believed to be more secure and less volatile, as the hydrogen delivery method. Okay for a lay man, let me break it down for you, Ammonia is basically one part nitrogen and three parts hydrogen, so this coupled with the research’s new two chemical processes at the same time, the results are expect to cost less. The scientists have assured the public that their approach is effective and, costs pennies to produce.


Let’s not get lost into the chemistry involved with this up coming greener technology as it’s still under test and not finished. I think we have to first embrace EVs and Hybrids before we can wrap our heads around the future technologies. And for the elephant in the room, I would finish up this post by a small teaser, next week we begin our long form three-part series coverage on our very own Kiira EV SMACK from the making of the car to drive tests of the car a three month project we embarked on with the team at CEDAT. Keep it locked.