Getting ready for Windows 10? Here is a Quick Guide on what to expect

Windows 10 launch

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This week on Wednesday, Microsoft will unleash the long-awaited Windows 10 Operating system that has been in the works for over 3 years. This is huge, especially given the fact that Microsoft has developed this next major upgrade with several input for the general public (Windows Insiders) that saw several previews of Windows 10 since October last year.  Microsoft however says that the real software roll-out will happen in stages. Here is a quick guide to Windows 10 , what to expect, how to get it and more.

How do you get it?

Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 starting with the guys who have helped on the development of this next Windows OS. After these Windows Insiders have had a share of their Win 10, Microsoft will be then moving through to pre-orders gradually. In reality it could be days before you actually get the chance to download the new OS.

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If your computer meets the specs, you will be able to upgrade to Windows 10, and it is highly recommended doing a full backup before you install. If you’ve got Windows 7 or Windows 8, you’ll be able to upgrade free any time in the next year. If you miss out on that chance or may be you are coming from the aged Windows XP, you will have to part with $119, although third-party sellers are already offering cheaper versions if you order now. We highly recommend to read through most online reviews of the OS from reputable tech sites before you make the big jump.

The New face of Windows 10

Windows 10 launch_UI improvements

Expect a whole new interface, so there is a learning curve, how steep it will be is entirely dependent on you. As a hint, Windows 10 seems to be a mish-mash between the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8, all wrapped up and sprinkled with new Windows 10 goodness. Microsoft’s digital Assistant Cortana will be star of the show everywhere in Windows 10, she will be available in the new Start Menu and through voice commands. Windows 10 will also usher in a Microsoft’s new Edge browser, and replacing the Windows 8 charms bar will be a fully revamped notification center.

Most expert feel that Microsoft has gripped itself in the neck with the July deadline and feel that Windows 1o is not yet ready, as it is still harboring some troubling and persistent upgrade bugs that have been sighted in the recent developer preview. Windows Vista failed flat and Windows 8 even if brought the touch based OS gestures to Windows stilled lacked, now there’s a lot of pressure to make sure this launch goes smoothly for Windows 10.