Get your Gossip on with the Secret app, now on Android

secrets android

The app used to be available in a few countries but as of today it will be available (in English) globally. The makers of the app have made bigger changes to the feed. The friends-only tab, which has been a top request of iOS users, is coming to Secret first on Android. You will have to do some phone number verification in order to use it. This feature will come later to iOS and both the iOS and Android feeds now also have a feature that also asks users to share stories from their lives.


Don’t be shocked with the Gossip you will find there, as you will find lighthearted declarations of love, bitter complaints about colleagues, sex confessions and in a country like Uganda where celebrity gossip is the in thing don’t get shocked to find several of them in case the app goes viral here. Just like WhatsApp, the phone links with your contacts to identify your friends and friends of friends, but never identities them by name. At the end of the day you will have a big social network with an unusually forthright stream of updates.

Just like Instagram, we expect this app to be popular in the Android space. You will glad to know that the The company has built several tools to discourage harassment on the network, employing moderators to remove offensive posts and warning users not to bully when their secrets contain proper names.

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