Gaze upon LG’s 105 Inch Curved Ultra HD OLED TV

CES seems to be the tech place to be this time of the year as LG and Samsung are charging to outdo themselves at the event especially when it comes to curved, Ultra HD models TV. LG has dropped the boom first with a humongous  105 inch OLED TV. LG has been no stranger to curved OLED technology. Last year, it showed off a regular-1080p curved OLED set at CES 2013.

Our experience with curved screens makes you start to get the feeling of being immersed while you’re watching, and with a 100 + inches of screen the display will feel closer to you and so more of the picture being clear. With previous, smaller curved sets that led to a sweet-spot in dead-center position, but when you’re sharing a living room with a 105-inch Ultra HD panel, the sweet spot is big enough for a sofa-full.

With a humongous screen comes a steep price although LG isn’t saying how much the 105-inch Ultra HD curved OLED set will cost all you have to keep in mind is that the  55-inch 1080p curved model was priced at $15,000 when it launched.