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One of the most exciting tech events in the calendar is the unveiling of the new versions of smartphones. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Nokia, LG, OnePlus, Sony, Google, and Vodafone are all set for new releases during 2017 – the year of the smartphone – and each one packs its own unique blueprint for the tech-savvy consumer. While it’s easy to get lost in the small details that cause certain features to differ, when it comes to mobile gaming, it’s critical to choose the phone that would provide you with the optimal user experience.

The biggest push for smartphones in 2017 will come courtesy of the Snapdragon 835 chip, which offers a 25% increase in graphics rendering compared to half the power used by its forerunners. For big gamers, this means game-play on a mobile device will be nearly as crystal clear as it is on a console or PC. Gaming on the move has never been as accessible as it will be in 2017.   

When choosing a new smartphone for gaming, many features stand out as affecting play: touch responsiveness, battery life, processing power. The perfect smartphone would have the ability to combine all these features to create the optimum device for mobile gaming. But we’re still a little way off that yet, so choosing the feature that would make or break gaming on your phone is the next best strategy.

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Early reports indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S7 holds the title of best phone for mobile gaming. With a 5.5-inch AMOLED display powered by a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage space rounding out its features, the S7 was seemingly designed to be a gamer’s new top dog. Samsung’s leap into allowing Vulkan APIs means players will be first in line for top-graphic games. Game Tools and Game Launcher allow for an optimized gameplay mode that allows users to block notifications and keep games in one place. The camera also means that when new AR (Augmented Reality) titles are released, users will be fully optimized for it. 

However, back to the days of playing Snake on an old Nokia, not everyone looks to have a mini game console in their hand. A lot of mobile games don’t necessarily require the highest processing power and the top-of-the-line graphics offered by Samsung and Apple. Older games such as Worms and Tetris don’t take much out of your mobile to play them – and even Angry Birds isn’t as difficult for a phone as one might expect (although the graphics may suffer slightly at lower resolutions). For those into iGaming, games such as mobile bingo use up very little processing power from your phone. Different variants of bingo such as Bargain Bingo and Bingo Linx available at Fabulous Bingo have quick-fire rounds, and enable players to choose how much they want their phone to process at once, making it suitable for lower spec phones.   



No smartphone debate can be complete without a mention of the latest iPhone. The iPhone 8 is due for release later in 2017. While Apple remains quiet about its features, an oft-debated topic for tech fans, Imagination Technologies, a company Apple use heavily for their hardware, have revealed they are developing an Augmented Reality chip. Apple recently dropped its licensing of hardware for a chance to go it alone. Could this mean that Apple themselves are developing the AR chip to enhance gaming? Should Apple be using the chip in their new devices, then this will be a massive game-changer for the world of mobile gaming. The capabilities and graphics from the chip will allow Apple to soar above its competitors for gameplay style and looks.

But not every version of gaming requires the features that the latest smartphones offer. The enhanced graphics can be detrimental to certain games, and the processing power and battery consumption of the enhanced features may be a massive con for anyone wanting longevity when it comes to gameplay. At the end of the day, choosing the best smartphone for gaming really depends on what exactly you need it for. With the market saturation as it is, there is a smartphone optimized for every kind of gaming, and there really is something for everyone out there.