Image Credit: The Grand Tour

HBO’s Game of Thrones that is thrown around by fanatics as the most prolific TV show of all time has been dislodged by Amazon’s The Grand Tour, as the most pirated show of all time. The Grand Tour is a motoring TV series headlined by the former Top Gear line up, led by Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

These left BBC’s Top gear after a row ensued between Jeremy and the show’s producer that led to his eventual dismissal while the rest of the team followed him in protest. It is after this saga that Amazon picked them up for a rumored £160 million budget motoring show—The Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour is an exclusive to Amazon Instant Video thus explaining as to why it was pirated in droves. Figures according to data analytics firms, MUSO, suggest that its first Episode was downloaded illegally 7.9 million times while the subsequent second and third episodes came in at 6.4 million and 4.6 million respectively.

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A bulk of these illegal downloads originated from the UK, making up 13.7% of the total number.

The most pirated TV show of all time crown has always fallen to Game of Thrones. However these new figures for 2016 suggest otherwise. The incumbent, that is Game of Thrones averaged 14.4 million illegal downloads in the year 2015 according to TorrentFreak, The Grand Tour’s over 19 million illegal downloads dislodges it from that position and makes it the crown king.

While The Grand Tour climbs up the ladder, Game of Throne’s remains as popular here in Uganda partly to its availability by conventional means and its subject matter unlike The Grand Tour which is tied to Amazon Instant Video and it synopsis; motoring, which is a niche.