Game of Thrones tops as most torrented TV series three years in a row

I love game of thrones and I am sure billions of other TV viewers love it, one thing is for sure, most of the people who are watching the show are illegally downloading the it. The HBO show has now three years in a row been ranked as the most torrented TV series of the year, according to¬†TorrentFreak’s conclusions.

The show has been downloaded 8.1 million times from peer-to-peer file sharing sites a figure that far surpasses many other shows. After Game of thrones other top five torrents include :

  1. The Walking Dead,
  2. Big Bang Theory,
  3. How I Met Your Mother,
  4. Gotham, all of which have fewer than 5 million downloads each.

Game of Thrones a torrent magnet

The pressure is on for this series we yet to see if it will be the same case for 2015. The next season is expected to premiere in April next year. We’ll just have to wait and see if game of thrones will be a torrent magnet in the new year.

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Source: TorrentFreak+