Galaxy Note 5 comes to Airtel Uganda network: Check out the pricing, features and more

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It’s barely been a month since its official release and today, the Galaxy Note 5 comes to Airtel Uganda network in its full glory. The flagship phablet will come with a free power bank, 5GB of free data and a free Airtel T-shirt. If you want to use the Note 5 on the self-christened Smartphone network, you will have to part with UGX 2.9 million. This is by no means a cheap device since it’s the crème de la crème of the best of Samsung this year and is always targeted for those who have love a combination of huge phones, productivity, great photography and entertainment.

In terms of specific specs, the Note 5 has the same octacore Samsung Exynos processor as the Galaxy S6, though this time it’s paired with 4GB of RAM. You can get a Note 5 with either 32 or 64GB of storage, but Samsung is not offering a larger 128GB option. The 3,000mAh battery is actually smaller than the one in last year’s Note 4, but the Note 5 includes support for both wireless charging and quick charging this time around.

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Samsung has settled on 5.7 inches as being the right size for its Note phones, as it comes with 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display has the same quad HD resolution. Note 5’s camera is the same 16-megapixel unit with OIS as found on the S6. The glass on both devices back does make them slippery, however, and it’s extremely prone to collecting fingerprints, regardless if it’s the gold or black color. Otherwise, the Note 5’s design and build quality are just as high-caliber as the S6.

The Note can’t be called a Note without Samsung’s S Pen writing utensil, and sure enough, there’s one located in a slot on the lower right of the phone. The new S Pen is longer and nicer than prior ones, and Samsung says it has improved the pressure sensitivity and writing performance over older models. Please don’t try to put in the other way round, otherwise you will find yourself breaking the S Pen functionality. There are a handful of new features too, such as the ability to pull the pen out of its cave and instantly start writing on the display without turning it on for quick notes.

It runs Samsung’s slightly altered version of Android 5.1 Lollipop and comes with KNOX, Samsung’s enterprise software. The Galaxy Note 5 is the ability to live stream on YouTube right from the native camera app. You can schedule streams or push them live on the spot, and you’re given the option to create a private, invite-only session or grab a public URL to share on your social media.