For only $349 you can own a Microsoft surface RT tablet


With rumors of a refresh of the Microsoft’s surface line up, this news will come as no surprise. The PC software giants have slashed their prices on their Surface RT tablets by as much as 30 percent, with the entry-level 32GB model selling for $349 from $499. This will be in effect from now onwards.

The older brother, the 64GB Surface RT was also discounted by $150, and now sells for $449 from $599, which is about 25 percent off its former price.

The next surface tablets expected soon

Of course this reduction in prices is for Microsoft to clear its existing inventory in preparation for a second-generation line of Windows RT devices. Previously, Microsoft had launched multiple deals to rid itself of the poor-selling tablet, most recently in June when it slashed prices by 60% in a bid to get US universities and K-12 schools to buy the devices.

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Long-time supporters of Microsoft and OEMs like Samsung have turned their back on Surface RT, even at the heavily-discounted price. Today, blogger Paul Thurrott, generally bullish on Microsoft, excoriated the tablet, calling it a “piece of junk” that is “simply too underpowered to provide a satisfactory experience.”

The discounted Surface RT can be purchased at Microsoft’s retail and online stores, as well as retailers like Best Buy and Staples.