Flipboard Switches On Video Ads

flipboard crunchbase


animated flipboard

One of the popular magazine mobile app Flipboard, has switched on video advertisements on its menu, with eight different brands on board to start with. Fortunately, in order to same some data,  the current version of the ads won’t auto-play, as per now all you get is a Play button that you will tap if  you are curious to watch the content.

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This is still in pilot mode and Flipboard points out, and a wider expansion of the program won’t start until November 1 of this year.

flipboard video gucci

Among the big brand names we have the likes of Sony Pictures, Chrysler, Gucci, and Lufthansa. The ads will look like the Gucci example featured above, being a “full-page mobile ad experience”, says Flipboard. For now, users will be seeing full-page video ads in the service’s most popular sections, including News and Entertainment.


SOURCE: Flipboard