Flipboard for Windows hits the Market Store

After years of waiting, the Windows ‘fan boys’ can now get their hands with Flipboard. The App was teased last month at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, and before that Microsoft promised four months ago that it will be available, so now the final version is available in the Windows Store now. Don’t expect any drastic changes in the UI especially if you have used Flipboard on iOS or Android, expect a similar experience on Windows 8.1.

The app has the same Flipboard magazine-like layout of feeds and stories from around the ‘Internets’. You can search for stories, publications, and even Flipboard users to add additional content to the app, and it’s all presented in a magazine format that you swipe to navigate between pages. Unlike Android and iOS, there’s also support for Windows 8.1’s new snap modes so you can run Flipboard side by side with other apps.

Flipboard for Windows 8.1 is now live enjoy it and the promo video below

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