Five things Airtel Uganda needs to do in 2016

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[/blockquote]Airtel Uganda has come a long way the last couple of years. But that doesn’t mean there’s not more to do. It’s something we’ve been happy to say for a while now especially after the merger with Warid Telecom, Airtel is now a stable network, sort of.¬†Airtel Uganda is one of the most-improved carriers in Uganda to the point where we’re standing up and taking notice every time there’s something new on the horizon. We’ve surely had an interesting year with this telecom company, and we are sure we wouldn’t win Airtel’s best blog website of the year, but love us or hate us we hit everyone with the bitter truth.

But while we’re happy to see the leap forward so far that Airtel Uganda has made this year, the never-ending road to telecoms perfection has much distance to travel on it for this Indian based carrier. And, as we’re at the end of another year, what better opportunity to look forward at where they could go?


1. Where is the 4G-LTE?
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But Airtel, seriously! Even new carriers like Vodafone have 4G networks, and you still remain one of the last biggest players in the telecom sector yet to launch one. In 2016 we’d like to see a 4G LTE network at least in Kampala. Don’t get us wrong, 3G is already good, but 4G-LTE is the future and if it makes business sense it would be good to have Airtel customers enjoying faster speeds and catch up with the times.

2. An Unlimited data bundle

With such great offers like Tugabane where users can share data, Airtel needs to give us more of what we crave most and that is unlimited data bundles. The company already has attractive data pricing and we feel they are still lacking when it comes to giving us the all you can eat data. We know this possible Airtel, so get down to the drawing board and make it happen.

3. No sale off

With never-ending rumors of a possible company acquisition in 2015, at some point customers become uncomfortable with the instability and change of ownership. We have to applaud Airtel for being the singe telecom in Uganda to change hands from Celtel to Zain and now Airtel, we only hope it can stay this way. And, for 2016 we need a strong and vibrant Airtel Uganda offering the best and quality voice and data services to the Ugandan populace.


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4. Better Network Quality

This is one of the biggest problems with most carriers world over, and one thing we customers have to understand is that its impossible to have 100% perfect network.¬†Just like 2014 before it, 2015 was a fantastic year for Airtel in regard to network quality. Airtel has done a great job of ensuring they concluded and solved all the technicalities that were brought about by the merger with Warid Telecom which had caused the network to deteriorate. In 2016 we’d like to have a more stable and better network quality of service.

5. More Mobile Money offerings

MTN seems to be taking the lions share here, we believe with the numbers Airtel has, it can turn them into more mobile money subscribers. We’d like to see more services being supported more banks on board if possible just do a copy and paste to match up with MTN’s offerings. But of course a huge mobile money base comes with a huge network, so we would like the company to expand deeper in rural areas as they have done before.



These are just some of our suggestions on how Airtel Uganda can push on in 2016. But we’d love to hear yours too, so be sure to hit the comments below with your own ideas!