Lamudi hosts the 300,000 UGX July winners of LamudiUGChallenge

lamudi_challenge uganda

lamudi_challenge uganda

Following the the launch of Lamudi Uganda’s social media campaign last month titled: #LamudiUGChallenge, they are proud to have successfully held the inaugural prize giving ceremony at their offices on Mawanda Road in Kamoky on Thursday 7th August. The competition, which started as a showcase for our sizeable online following across Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, has now become an invaluable platform for user interaction.

The submissions were centered on what we are describing as that Lamudi feeling #ThatLamudiFeeling, which Lamudi’s users now associate with homes. This development opened up the competition by allowing users to submit simply based on their surroundings in Uganda, and how they respond to their environment. This in turn allows the competition to take on an even more personal dimension to the challenge #LamudiWange and got the users to submit pictures in an effort to express their appreciation of nature. To beat the challenge one had to receive the most likes/shares within the month of July.

We think it’s important to engage users through social media because it personalizes our interaction with them, and presents them with a two way channel where they can be candid. This in turn lets us know what our customers are thinking and allows us to continually improve our service by responding to their feedback. In trying to encourage our users to utilize Lamudi as a tool of expression we ha​ve found that their reaction to their environment has ended up giving us our identity by relying on the intelligence and tech savvy of our customer base which stretches across social divisions.

– Lamudi

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According to, right now Internet penetration in Africa is over 50% and rapidly growing, making the feedback from social media wide and immediate. User feedback received by Lamudi shows the interest in the challenge and encourages people to participate more to stand a chance of being the next month’s winner.

This competition has only just begun and will continue as we encourage stakeholders from the realms of IT, media, tourism, commerce, and public information to make the most of this opportunity for dialog and jump on board with this new platform.​