Find out which kind of geek you are

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[/blockquote]You’ve decided that you think you are a geek and you want to find out which kind of geek you are, and you’re ready to try your hand at living the geeky way. Well, you are in the right place. Is being a geek a life style, or you are born this way?  Although geeks have a reputation for being weird and dorky, they are usually described as people of high intelligence who possess a wealth of information generally about computers, science, mathematics, and astronomy.

Geekdom can be a rewarding lifestyle, but its like a snowball- If you gather a little snow and then push it down a hill, the snowball gets bigger and better as it collects more and more snow. This article will help you start your journey down the hill.Take this quiz to find out which kind of geek you are:


Find out which kind of geek you are

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