Finally, Chrome OS and Android to soon be one

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[/blockquote]Just to make sure the title of this post is not confusing, both Chrome OS and Android will continue to exist; but according to The Wall Street Journal Google’s two operating systems will soon be one. Android is going to be combined with Chrome OS, and the combined OS could be revealed as soon as next year at Google I/O. Integrating the two operating systems means building Android to run on laptops and desktop computers, which would require humongous changes, as well as supporting the Google Play Store. Also Chromebooks will also be renamed to reflect the new OS the report further says. The move marks an effort at Google to reduce the number of independent platforms it has to maintain.

The combined operating system is expected to be released sometime in 2017.  Google CEO Sundar Pichai, was put in charge of both Chrome and Android two years ago, and he’s made moves to bring the two operating systems closer in that time. We have seen Android Apps supported in Chrome OS though support is still limited, some Android apps are up and running on Chromebooks.