Final build of Microsoft Office for Windows 10 is now available

office for Windows 10
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Today Microsoft is gently removing the preview tag from its Office for Windows 10 apps with a final build of the app. With a few days to the the official launch of Windows 10 on July 29th, the the company is delivering final versions to Windows 10 testers today. Testers report that nothing much has changed in the apps over the course of the five-month preview, but they’re some refinements done. The apps are touch based hence the mobile apps nomenclature and will run on desktop PCs as well.

The new apps are lightweight, speedy, and very easy to use and can be used for basic editing and authoring. Microsoft has integrated OneDrive deep into the experience, so you can edit documents from the cloud and pick up where you left off. Microsoft’s Office for Windows 10 apps include Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, and OneNote. Microsoft is taking a┬áservice approach to Windows 10 which will see regular, perhaps monthly, updates to the operating system and its associated apps. You can download the apps from the source link below.