A full list of the ACIA 2016 Award Winners

ACIA 2014 _ Acolades
The Acolades

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[/blockquote]The annual ACIA 2016 Award ceremony organized by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) were held today at the Serena Conference Hall Kampala. The event was aimed to award all Ugandan tech innovators at all levels. The colorful event was graced by the ED UCC, Mr Mutabazi Godfrey, ICT Ministry officials and ICT enthusiasts in Uganda and the Guest of Honor ITC Minister Hon. John Nasasira . This the list of the ACIA 2016 winners.

ACIA 2016 Award Winners

Young Innovators

Rising Star Award

2nd runner-up : Dr. Obote College

1st runner-up : Mary Hill High School

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Winner:  Kako S.S


ICT Explorer

2nd runner-up : Green Hill Academy

1st runner-up : Happy Hill Jr Academy from Masindi

Winner: Bushenyi Parental Care

ICT Innovators

2nd runner-up : Visual Plus App

1st runner-up : Sign Language Tutor

Winner:  Natalsys App

ICT for Development Award

1st runner-up: Protecting Infacts Through SMS (PRISMS)

Winner : Tambula by ThinVoid


Digital content Award

1st runner-up: Kampala Smart Schooling

Winner : Mixa Kids


2016 Special Award for the Best use of ICT

Winner : Uganda Revenue Authority


Service Excellence Award

Winner : Airtel Uganda- Tugabane


Judge’s choice Award

Winner:  YakaKo App (Helps People Borrow Yaka)


Business Excellence Award

Winner : UMEME Mobile App