When MTN’s PakaPaka voice bundle originally launched, it was safe to assume that it was going directly for Airtel’s Pakalast since it offered 30 minutes on-net calls for just UGX 1000. It has since evolved to My PakaPaka now that the amount of voice calls given are commensurate of one’s usage behavior and average spend more or less like once again, Airtel’s My Pakalast, that employs a similar rewarding mechanism. Only that it combines data, voice calls and SMS.

So it is safe to take the two for a fight in a comparison test owing to their similar nature.

How to activate both?

One needs to dial *160*1# to access My PakaPaka and on the other hand, they have to dial *149*1# to access My Pakalast.

What is on table?

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Whereas My PakaPaka strictly gives you 3 unique on-net voice bundles valid for 24 hours, My Pakalast juices it up with data and SMS on top of the 3 unique on-net voice bundles offered, also valid for 24 hours.

How they’re both calculated?

They’re both calculated basing on one’s average spend and usage behavior of each telco’s services. If you trade in high volume mobile money, airtime and data purchases, you stand to gain more should you subscribe to either My PakaPaka or My Pakalast.

Is this a fair fight?

It would be if MTN’s My PakaPaka incorporated both data and SMS into the voice bundles but unfortunately it isn’t the case. These other bundles are offered separately from My PakaPaka.

Anyway, the whole point we’re comparing the two is because of their mechanism in determining who gets what and what not?

And the winner is…….

It really depends on what you are looking for, since brand loyalty for carriers is strong in Uganda, so our opinion may not sway you much. Personally, I feel Airtel’s My Pakalast gives you more value addition since it includes data and SMS besides voice calls.This can entice to opt for My Pakalast instead of My PakaPaka.