Fero Mobile launches in Uganda with affordable 4G LTE enabled devices

Fero Mobile Launch

Fero Mobile is a new entrant in the Ugandan smartphone race and its mobile devices will be distributed by Midcom. Unlike other players before it, Fero has launched with a list of affordable 4G enabled devices on the market headlined by the Fero IRIS, a 5 Inch 4G LTE enabled device with a HD display. It sports a 2500mAH battery, a Quad Core processor, an 8MP rear camera and a biometric authentication feature which some one’s Iris to unlock the device.

Also on the list is Fero’s flagship Royale A1 frontend for its massive 5000mAh battery hastened by fast charging capabilities. It also sports an 8MP primary and a 5MP selfie cameras. It is powered a Quad Core processor paired with 1GB of RAM and an 8GB Internal memory. The A1 will retail for around UGX 370,000.

Other smartphones included the L100 which also supports 4G LTE except that it comes with both 5MP cameras both at the front and rare. Not forgetting the Pace whose outstanding feature is it fingerprint scanner but it doesn’t differ too much from others with its 5.5Inch HD IPS display, 2800mAH battery while the cameras are an 8MP back camera + a 5MP front camera.

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Fero Mobile also launched  feature phones dubbed the Selfie series for their selfie cameras. These include the F1805 (S), the K2401(S) and the K9. The IRIS will retail for around UGX 420,000 while the Royale A1 will go for UGX 370,000.