So far this is what we know about the iPhone 8

Image: Forbes

While the iPhone 8 continues to make rounds online, the rest of the expected pack that is the 7S and 7S Plus take a quiet stance and disappear into oblivion. The big boy takes the lion’s share when it comes to limelight but actually, Apple is expected to launch 3 devices in the coming months.

There better be a good reason why the iPhone 8 stands tall against its two counterparts and we are here to let you know why.

First things first, the iPhone 8 is expected to celebrate 10 years of the iPhone since the device first went live and has changed the course of mobile computing on the face of the earth. Our other expectations are as below

It will have a bezeless display.

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2017 has been the year of the bezeless phone. While some are not necessarily bezeless per say, but they’ve at least nearly killed off the bezels that now Infinity displays are the new normal. The Galaxy S8 stands true to this while the LG G6 plays second fiddle.

The iPhone 8 is said to follow suit with the only exception being the selfie camera accommodation that might kill off the near bezeless experience.

Display Integrated fingerprint scanner

Pulling off this feat will surely crown Apple the de facto king in this kind of technology but we all know how Cupertino always takes a chill pill when new technologies emerge, only to surface later after many experimentations from the competition and take the day with its perfection of the technology in question.

Allegedly, Apple is testing infusing a Touch ID sensor direct into the iPhone 8 but its proving more troublesome than though that they might forego it, and instead use the next feature we are about to talk about.

Similarly Samsung felt the same problems and they ended up placing the fingerprint scanner in an odd position next to the camera. For Apple’s case, I only wish they could turn the famous Apple logo at the back of the phone as their fingerprint scanner without sacrificing the design ergonomics they are known for.

Facial Recognition might be a thing.

In my previous paragraph, I talked about omission of Touch ID but you guessed it right, in favor of facial recognition. Instead of inputting your finger to unlock your phone and other tasks. Apple might use the iPhone’s camera to scan your face and kaboom, the tasks at hand are done stealthily.

This makes sense in a way that we are always looking at our phones while performing tasks so the reported advanced 3D scanning and facial recognition might actually work. This feature won’t only unlock the phone but will also authenticate payments among other would be touch ID features.

Apple will switch to OLED displays

The display takes a large chunk of of the expected changes and Apple is expected to ditch LCD displays in favour of OLED displays on the iPhone 8. OLEDs are known for their good picture quality, high contrast, exuberating brightness among others. Ever wondered why the S8 or S7’s display dwarfs the iPhone’s display if the two are put against each other? Well the S family uses OLED instead of LCD and there is no discussion about this. OLED wins.

Wireless charging might make a debut

Wireless charging might finally make its way into the iPhone with the iPhone 8. This might also suggest that the phone might ditch Aluminium in favor of a glass chasis since glass accommodates most wireless charging standards. However, it is said this will be achieved with addition of an optional accessory that won’t come with the iPhone 8 out of the box.

Faster Charging too

Still on charging, the iPhone 8 might actually have fast charging capabilities with its use of a USB-C to lightning cable. Other rumors speculate that Apple might retain its usual USB-A to lightning cable but with the competition riding on fast charging, Apple might have to rethink its approach since the battery juice keeps us going.

Boy it will be pricey

The iPhone is known for being a pricey device and with the slew of anticipated features above and more, the iPhone 8 won’t come cheap. It is estimated to go north of $1200, a first for the iPhone and the rest of mass market smartphones. This might somewhat make it a limited edition of the iPhone since it will launch alongside the 7S and the 7S Plus which might miss out on these features and it marks the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

But iPhone X might have sounded better.

With 8 set by popular vote as the would be name for this new iphone, I am wondering what the next iPhones in the line will be called like! iPhone 8S? iPhone 8 SE?

Anyways since it commemorating the 10th iPhone anniversary, the iPhone X name would make sense. Any suggestions?